Why Don’t Traditional Recruitment Agencies Work?

It’s a bold question to ask, we know, when the history of recruitment is based around the traditional means of finding suitable candidates through an external recruitment agency. However, are these external firms on the outs? 


With the job acquisition process relying more and more on internet-based systems and remote working, the need for places like the Job Centre are dwindling. As the world develops and modernises continuously, the space for the ‘traditional’ ways of doing things, like recruitment, will either need to adapt and respond or fall out of use completely.


The landscape of recruitment has changed massively, with employees having more of a say than they used to, and companies are adapting the way they work because of this. Millennials and Gen Zs are used to this landscape of instant gratification through the culture of the internet and social media – and this applies to the recruitment process. 


Traditional recruitment agencies take time. There are a lot of hoops for everyone involved to jump through before they can even reach the stage of getting an interview for a job. So, those in the recruitment process have decided to take things into their own hands and get stuff done.


This is reinforced through the popularity of sites and apps like LinkedIn. On both sides, there are positives in no longer going through an agency to find jobs and candidates. The process is simple on LinkedIn and it’s accessible in the palms of our hands. When you add in the additions of Applicant Tracking Systems that are cropping up more and more, the need for external help through recruitment agencies will fall. According to Glassdoor, 79% of job seekers choose to use social media within their job search.


We can’t not mention the elephant in the room: the global pandemic. That has had a big effect on how the hiring process works and in a relatively short amount of time. Companies have found they can conduct their work from home, which opens the job pool to the whole world, and more employees have found that they would prefer to work remotely. Everyone has had to adapt and respond to the world-changing in a moment’s notice, and as the way we communicated with each other became primarily online, so did recruitment.


However, it isn’t all doom and gloom for recruitment agencies.


In the face of all this change, they’ve taken matters into their own hands and adapted. What makes utilising agencies great is still the same. Some aspects are made more useful with modernisation and integration, so let’s get into some of them.


Free Up Time


Hiring an external firm takes the pressure off your team, leaving room for you all to continue doing your absolute best day-to-day. At Move, we make sure to absorb company culture and become an employer ambassador to truly understand and find which candidates would fit seamlessly into your team. Agencies will deal with recruitment end-to-end, ultimately freeing up bucket-loads of your time whilst not sacrificing the quality of recruitment at all.


Quality Recruitment


Agencies have a larger scope of the market and industry contacts coming out of their ears. Recruitment agencies build up in-depth databases of candidates just itching to be matched with the correct company. This extends the reach of your advertising further than it could have been if you did the process without an agency.


Best Practice


The process is an ever-changing beast that never sticks to a fixed formula. It’s a daunting task to keep on top of when you’ve got many different irons in the fire. However, one of the main focuses of any recruitment agency is to pay attention to trends and changes. Our middle name is best practice and we are addicted to learning as much as we can about the process. Our process as Move is informed by three key pillars; delighting candidates, driving growth, and removing friction. We have our heads in the game, so you don’t have to.


Hiring Roadmap


If you are struggling with figuring out how to implement your hiring goals, using an agency can help with this. Many have plans that can help you reach those goals. One of the main issues that is brought to us is companies needing help with DEI. We know how important a diverse, equitable, and inclusive hiring process is. It’s why it’s at the core of our brand.


Reducing Costs


The last positive we’ll talk about will be music to your ears: lowering costs. The recruitment process is usually an expensive thing that many companies don’t have the budget for. The longer you’re recruiting, the more expensive it gets. Recruitment agencies have one job, and that is to recruit. The focus will not shift and that will cut down both the time and cost of the process. On average, it takes Move 4 weeks to hire candidates and that reduces the cost by 52%.


Final thoughts


Despite the hiring landscape changing like the wind, recruitment agencies aren’t going anywhere any time soon There are benefits to both sides of the coin, but if you’d like to learn more, get in touch today.


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