What is a Talent Audit and How do I Conduct One?

Economic shock. Technology disruption. A global pandemic. There are not many of us alive today who have witnessed such an alarming combination of circumstances.

Still, we are here in 2021, doing our best to safely navigate through this uncertain time.

Many of us are also guiding businesses through the ripple effects of a changing job market, and a sharp increase in demand for tech talent.

In doing so, some of the biggest decisions of our professional lives have to be made through increasing uncertainty. To do so, we depend on credible information, unbiased analysis and sound judgement. This is where audits make their impact. Audits enable leaders to make knowledgeable decisions about their business. Audits remove any ambiguity and strengthen us to build a better future.


Taking control of your business’s future


Taking control of this challenging time and conducting a talent audit is a pivotal step to drive your business into growth and innovation. When running a business, two of the factors that will always be relevant are unpredictability and change. Today, change and unpredictability have become the name of the game. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses in all industries to undergo some form of transformation, and we all have to adjust to a new standard.

Even if your business was not hit as hard as others during the COVID-19 pandemic, and you’re still operating, the major shifts that have taken place mean your global strategy may still need to be adjusted. How do the shifts in culture and practices impact your talent function? When making changes to your market and plans, you will need to introduce new roles within the business or alter existing roles.

New skill shortages may not be recognized, which means the level of talent for continuous success has likely shifted. Looking ahead, it is crucial to hire the right team of people for growth and innovation. Your business needs to make the right choices for your new and unique needs, and you can start by observing the current: conducting a systems-based talent audit.