5 Reasons Why You Should Hire in the Holidays

Is there a hiring freeze over the holiday period?

The festive period is traditionally either a lot quieter for businesses, or conversely, very manic (thinking of you everyone in retail…good luck out there champs).

And logically, as a recruiter or hiring manager, you may think it’s not the best time to make hires. People are away on an end of year holiday, or not as focused because of an end-of-year rush to finish projects.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s time to pump the brakes on your recruitment efforts. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

Still not sure whether you should call it quits until the New Year? Here are some reasons to keep your candidate search going during the holiday season.


1. Less competition for available candidates


For some companies, it’s easier to focus on the season than the candidate hunt. They’re too busy because they need to reconcile end-of-the-year books — and they might push off hiring until January to save money before they close the books on the old year’s budget. Some also don’t want to deal with the effort of training new employees over a busy season and would rather wait until the new year.

That’s fine, of course, but if you’re a juggler who can multi-task, you’ll find less competition for the available candidates. Keeping your candidate search going could give you a chance for more interviews that you may not have got during another time of year. That’s because the candidate pool was more competitive during another time of year.


2. More networking opportunities


Now that the world is opening up again, and in-person events are a reality, you couldn’t pick a better time of year for networking with potential candidates. There are many social and business holiday functions during November and December when you can connect with people who could be a good fit. Consider getting a business card made with your contact information. Bring a supply with you to give to the people you meet at networking events and holiday parties. Have an elevator pitch ready so you can quickly share information on your background and company.


3. It’s an excellent time for referrals


The holidays are a time for catching up with family and friends, and your employees are likely no exception. While they are busy reconnecting, ask them to recommend qualified family, friends, or colleagues for open positions you are looking to fill. You can offer incentives to help keep the matter fresh in their minds. Referrals could be a great source of candidates for your open jobs.


4. Candidates want salary and benefits in place for the new year


It’s always good to start January with your life in order if you can. Having your compensation set for the year not only helps pay the bills. It also helps with budgeting and tax planning. Take advantage of this opportunity pick up candidates who are using the excuse of a New Year’s Resolution to seek out a new, better role for themselves.


5. You’re finding the really motivated candidates


When a job seeker is looking over the holidays, that is a good sign that he or she is dedicated to finding a new position and assigns it a higher priority than drinking eggnog. Highly motivated candidates will not wait until the end of the year, when the holidays are over, to find the next great opportunity. Employers want that kind of focus and commitment in their job applicants. It is an indication that a prospective employee is willing to do what is necessary to get the job done.


Whether you choose to ramp up your recruitment efforts over the holidays or put a freeze on hiring until January, you’ll need a defined hiring strategy to help you attract the top talent your company needs. Find out how we can help.  Or, book a meeting directly by hitting the button below.

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