Humans of Move: Gabriella Bailey

Quick facts

Human at Move: Senior Talent Partner

Background: Psychometrics and Industrial Psychology

Describe Move in 3 words: Dynamic, resilient, inclusive 


It was tempting to call this piece ‘The Gift of the Gab’ because that’s exactly what Gabriella Bailey is to us all at Move – a core part of the Talent Team, incredibly gifted at managing often challenging accounts, and a wonderful coach to her junior team members.

Gabriella’s background in Industrial Psychology reflects her curiosity both about business and people and people in the business world.


Psychometrics and People


“I’ve always been fascinated about what motivates people, what makes someone thrive in a role, or why some who, in theory, should, don’t.”

As a lover of maths and data, Psychometrics was the next logical progression. “This idea of looking to data for insights about people and making data-driven decisions about placements into roles and professions meshed the two worlds of psych and maths for me.”

Gabi’s acutely aware of how this understanding of personality types might be used to create incredible synergy within teams and organisations.

“You can take people’s strengths and development areas and pair them together in a way that really compliments each other, and I try to keep that in mind when building my own team as well as those of our clients.”

Her background laid the groundwork for her incredible impact as a senior recruiter.

“As a recruiter, a lot of the things we learn is to be objective and standardise processes. So I’ve taken the very technical, more scientific parts of my studies, and I try and apply those to the recruitment process to make sure that it is as fair as possible and that I’m not introducing any of my own personal biases into the process.”

However, in Gabi’s own words, nothing trumps real-life experience. And this she has had in spades of late.

“I’ve been so lucky to have been exposed to such a variety of roles in so many different business units, and of course, such interesting people.”


On working remotely and work/life balance…


“I love working remotely. Tracksuit pants and a smart shirt is the way to go. But on a more serious note, I do know that some people struggle with not having connections with people. My advice would be to be very intentional about booking in coffee chats with coworkers and building on your personal connections, even when it is over a screen. A little meme or a recipe that you think someone might like goes a long way. At Move we use Slack, and we have a couple of channels dedicated to fun, lighter content that just helps everyone to feel like it’s not all work. And, get outside! Don’t spend all day in front of a screen. Chat to those you love, go for a walk, get that fresh air in. It might seem obvious but it’s so important.”

Gabi is also good about structuring her day to include a morning ritual, exercise, walking breaks, a proper lunch break (take it!)

“I’m lucky to live in a beautiful area, so I do try and head to the beach after work or catch the odd sunset before I cook dinner if time allows.”

gabi hiking
Gabi hiking Table Mountain

And speaking of cooking, she’s also an avid veggie, focused on sustainability.

“I’m 7 months into this journey and it’s been great. I love making Thai green curry with loads of veggies and chickpeas, and in Cape Town, we’re spoiled for plant-based options where it’s a cheeky takeaway or dining out.”


On Move –  highlights, the team, the growth


Gabi joined Move when the team was six strong – we’re closer to 60 now! But was hooked from the first Friday hangout (our end of week virtual team hang).

“From day one, we’ve had a culture of being incredibly helpful. We also share stories, laugh a lot together, and make newcomers feel welcome. So even though I felt overwhelmed at the time, the way the team gelled made me feel like I had/have made the right decision.”

“There’s been a big focus on intentionally making sure we stay connected as a remote company, and that has meant that even though our team grew and is growing rapidly, we haven’t lost that spark or that special sense of what makes us a team.”


The future of recruiting and what makes Move different


“The recruiting industry was one way for a very long time and then COVID came around and turned everything on its head. Which was such a good thing. When I speak to people who’ve been in the industry for a while, they were still doing in-person interviews for every single candidate. Who has the time for that? So migrating to digital recruiting and being able to do things remotely makes a lot more sense.”

“But that’s just one part of it because doing things remotely has also made recruiting a lot fairer in the sense of making positions accessible to a much broader spectrum of candidates. And that’s important for us as we help our clients strive towards achieving greater diversity and equality.”

“It’s exciting to be right at the forefront of this movement. It’s also meant that we’ve branched out hugely in the tools we’ve been using and experimenting with – they’ve gone through the roof.”

That’s also why Gabi believes in the continual need for recruiters. But what that looks like as we move rapidly into the tech-dominated future, is going to be very different.

“The need for recruitment will always be there. But, after seeing the difference firsthand between an RPO or an agency versus our embedded talent model, the way we do things just make sense for me. With Move, we focus on getting a holistic picture of the company so that we can accurately represent them. And because we’re a subscription, always-on model, we treat candidates in a way that really acknowledges them as people, as opposed to acting as a CV factory and just passing on CVs, pushing them through a funnel.”

“So we’re tech-first but incredibly human-centric, and that’s evident when you speak to the candidates who we deal with or who we’ve placed.”

“It’s also just an exciting time generally to be in recruitment. We’re on the cusp of the labour revolution, the work from home revolution, and we’re global. As a recruiter, you get to build teams globally which I think is really cool. Before you would be restricted to the area, but that’s no longer the case.”


On the tech industry and how we tackle challenges


Gabi explained that a large part of a recruiter’s role is managing expectations, in a climate where the market is always shifting (Great Resignation anyone?)

“A big part of my role is setting expectations and managing those expectations. Sometimes you get a role that may seem easy to fill and then the market just does not play along. We’ve had a couple of examples of that. But it’s also been a lesson in nurturing. Both on the candidate and client-side. That and purple unicorn hunting.”


Hunting purple unicorns, building incredible tech teams, or cooking a vegan curry – there’s not much we wouldn’t want Gabriella Bailey on our team for.

If you want to connect with her on LinkedIn, do that here.

If you want her to help you find your next unicorn, tell us about it here.


Unclear at the time of the interview whether this is indeed Gabi’s doggo, but we love our #petsofmove so… Enquire about access to our dedicated pets Slack channel.


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