Humans of Move: Stephanie Weitz

Quick Facts

Human at Move: Talent Partner

Background: Tech Recruitment

Describe Move in 3 words: Powerful, Driven, Engaging


You would be hard-pressed to find someone as experienced in and enthusiastic about recruitment as Stephanie Weitz. A truly stellar Talent Partner and the definition of a team player, she is the hype woman that every talent team needs.


Looking at her impressive recruitment repertoire, you would never guess that she actually has a degree in fish. Recruiting and ichthyology – the duality of Steph. 


The Big Leagues


Steph has been in recruitment for eight and a half years and worked with names like Jaguar, Land Rover, Coca-Cola and Tiger brands.


She made the move to, well, Move, after successfully running a graduate program at an agency. But the next adventure beckoned.


“The moment I knew coming to Move was the right choice I think was literally the first teams hangout session. I just thought the people here, bar none, are amazing. Everybody is exceptionally passionate. It’s very rare that you find recruiters this passionate about recruiting.”


Bums in Seats


As a Talent Partner, Steph is embedded at one of our big clients. That just means that she is the main point of contact for hiring managers and engages with them directly. Additionally, it’s her responsibility to help find the right talent and keep the clients happy and engaged. 


“Recruiting is something everyone thinks is easy, and it is easy to just put a bum on a seat, but it’s not easy to make a difference.” 


Productivity Tips


Steph is all about staying organised. It’s a necessity when you’re juggling 20+ roles at once. You need the right tools and strategies to keep those balls in the air.


She uses time blocking, a theory on how you can be very productive by blocking out your time in your calendar. She’s also a self-professed checklist nerd.


“I use ToDoist for anything like recurring tasks. You might forget you need to do something on a daily basis because it gets so busy but ToDoist helps me stay on top of that.”


On top of mastering the to-do list, Steph is also a prolific note-taker who loves stationery. There’s nothing quite like good old fashioned pen and paper some time, right?


She’s also an avid reader and ends her day with a book in hand. “I make myself read two pages every single night because I love reading and I have to end my day doing what I love.” 


Recruitment Advice


As a recruiter, Steph insists that you have to be passionate about people, because you’re going to be interviewing 25 people a week, at minimum. If you don’t like them, it’s going to be tedious and you’re going to get interview fatigue.


“It really is changing people’s lives because you can either make them more miserable or you can make them happier. You have so much impact and influence over the direction of businesses and people’s lives. You’ve got to be enthusiastic and you’ve got to be able to provide feedback. I think those are the key qualities of a recruiter because you can teach the other stuff.”


“I’d say the best part is when you interview a candidate and you’ve nailed it.” 


“There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve nailed it because the person you’ve got is perfect.”


In general, Steph recommends taking all the advice anybody gives you. You don’t have to apply everything, but make note of all the advice, because if it’s not relevant to you now, in six months it might be.


She also believes that at least one person a day is going to change the way you look at something or make you think differently, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. 


“People are so scared to ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. If anyone tells you otherwise, don’t listen to them.”


On dealing with hiring hurdles


First things first, have your data organised and ready. The kind of data that recruiters keep include how many calls you’ve made, how many interviews are scheduled, etc. Put all your information together.


When a hiring manager has any concerns, call a session to discuss. It’s never good via email. Calling a quick meeting or hang out with the hiring managers and HR people is key. 


If there’s an issue, unpack it first, but always go into it with your data. If you know that this person is going to be upset because the interview process is taking too long, you can put together your data or refer back to the weekly notes sent out to the clients. Don’t go in and try and wing it. 


“Most importantly, don’t go in and have a conversation if you know you don’t have a solution.”


It’s just about being open and clear with your communication and making sure you’re speaking to the right people. 

So if you need to find the best candidate for the job, apps that can bump up your productivity, or just someone to celebrate a win with you – Steph’s got you covered.


If you want to connect with her on LinkedIn, do that here.

If you want her to help you find the best talent, tell us about it here.


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