Humans of Move: Demitria Engelbrecht

Quick Facts

Human at Move: Growth Manager

Background: Psychology, Recruitment, and Sales

Describe Move in 3 words: Disruptive, Open, Caring


Demi the Polyglot


Speaker of Russian, rider of motorbikes, lover of rock, mother of cats, and a fearless leader in our Growth team. Demitria Engelbrecht exudes badassery in spades.


Her always-on brain finds an outlet in learning languages, a hobby she describes as more of a mild obsession.


“It is a weakness of mine, especially since I usually get to a certain level and then get distracted by another language, so I’ll start learning that one. Essentially I can speak a bunch of languages poorly (she’s being modest). But I can speak four languages pretty well.” 


She’s currently taking lessons in both French and Russian.


“Russian is a beautiful language and if you have Russian there are a lot of Slavic countries with similar languages. Like, I can understand Bulgarian because they use the same alphabet, the same structure, and the language is just really cool.” 


As for the love of French? Demi admits that while it is both a beautiful and useful language, her goal was to watch her favourite film, Amelie, without subtitles, something she can successfully do now. 


Did we mention that she is determined?


Psychology Meets Recruitment


Demi’s foray into the world of recruiting finds its roots in her background in psychology – she’s always been good with people. 


But the allure of the ‘corner office’ and some smart outfits beckoned her to big corporate, where she began in finance recruitment.


“I wanted to experience the lifestyle of travelling to a big office, complete with a parking and access disk.”


Finance recruitment led to a natural interest in fintech. 


“Because of my interest in fintech and the start-up space, Chris (Move’s CoFounder) spotted me. I was always sharing a lot of content about start-ups and fintech and all kinds of things that really interested me. That’s how I got into recruitment and came to be in this role where I help to lead the Growth team.”


Move vs. A Traditional Agency


While traditional recruitment agencies have a not-entirely-undeserved bad rap for being little more than a numbers machine, Demi found that Move was different.


“I had a bunch of things at my old job where I said ‘I think we’re lacking here,’ or ‘This is a really cool idea for marketing or candidate experience,’ and the answer I got every single time was ‘We have this methodology and we don’t ever stray from that.’ 


With Move, not only is the actual recruitment process different, but as a Senior Growth Manager, Demi has a lot of other responsibilities that feed into her talents.


Onboarding and training new growth team members, guiding, brainstorming with them, growing together and working as a unit in their mission to tell the world about Move. 


“With Move, there is a lot of scope to bring new ideas to the table. We’re always experimenting, trying new methods and new tools.”


Learning and Led Zeppelin


Some choose coffee in the morning. Demi chooses Zeppelin – connecting her alarm to her favourite rockband.


Did we mention she’s a badass?


As for what gets her out of bed, knowing that everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.


“Whether it’s through my workday or watching something or reading a book, I’m really excited about the fact that every day is just an opportunity to further your knowledge. Even just by a centimetre.”


Demi enthused about her work and how much it thrills her to see her mails opened or calls booked with the team.


“It helps when you love your job. It’s not difficult to get up in the morning and I don’t get the Sunday blues’ where there’s a sense of dread at starting a new work week. Not once in the time I’ve worked with Move has there been a time where I did not feel ready for the next day. Because I really finds the work exciting and we have a lot of fun.”


Thoughts on the Recruitment Landscape


Having had experience on both the recruiter and candidate side of the process, Demi has a greater understanding of where the industry is heading. This despite mainly being familiar with the very traditional 360 success model, a model that she believes – or hopes – is dying out. 


“Thank heavens for that. That’s one thing that excites me about Move as well. With 360 recruitment, you’ve got a client, you’ve got a candidate, you sort of smash them together and that’s the last time you ever speak to the candidate. If the client liked the candidate and you did a good job, you’ll hear from them again. But you’re not building a relationship. You literally have them packaged as a product and you sell them off.” 


Plugging into a business and becoming part of the client’s vision, becoming part of their value proposition, being the first entry point into the candidate experience, and being the first point of contact a candidate has with the company, that’s a great model to have. Being able to represent that company and be part of their ecosystem, that factors into both client and candidate success. 


“I love this new drive in recruitment to be more involved in the process and relationship. Ten years from now, our approach will create a lot more employee satisfaction. People will be a lot happier with their jobs, and they’ll be in the right jobs. There’ll be more focus on that.”


Recruitment in the tech space is also really interesting because start-ups aren’t trying to be “big brands” with a lot more room to potentially mistreat their employees. There are a lot more awesome benefits, and a real drive to make work-culture the best it can be, as well as an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.


“The more people we get into those kinds of tech start-up spaces, the better I think it will be and the happier people will be down the line. Because they really do try to take care of their employees and see them as humans and not just numbers. I also think it’s really exciting for us to be part of that process and part of that drive to change how recruitment is done.” 


If you want to connect with her on LinkedIn, do that here.

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