Employee Engagement apps: 2019 Review


What are Employee Engagement apps anyway?


Employee engagement apps, also known as 360 feedback apps, are tools that track employee engagement and follow key trends and patterns across your workforce. This works through current, honest employee feedback. The performance feedback is solicited from all directions of the organisation, hence the name of the feedback opportunity. They effectively work as a virtual HR department at the tips of your fingers.

Why is this good for startups?

HR Software is good for early stage startups as it takes away the need to hire a HR team and therefore is cost-friendly in the long run. As it allows small business owners to manage multiple employees processes, it frees managers up to focus on their business.

Why do I need to track employee engagement?

When employees are more engaged in the workplace, their productivity level increases; better engagement means better productivity. This is not only beneficial for your company but high levels of productivity are also rewarding for employees as individuals. People want to know that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.

Ok! I’m convinced, where do I start?

There are tons of HR 360 tools out there, no doubt about it. Finding the right one can be quite overwhelming (a little like searching for a needle in a haystack). So, to help you along the way, we’ve composed a list reviewing six of the HR tools that are out there, discussing their costs, design, ease of use and functionality. At the end of each review, we’ve included an overall rating gathered from real-life customer reviews.

1.     Officevibe

Officevibe is one of the better-known software available. They boast key features such as anonymous feedback, reports for every team and the whole company and an extensive improvement section.

Starting Price: £4.00/month

A free trial is available.


  • When you set it up and add employees, they receive emails with weekly reminders to contribute how they are feeling.

  • The system makes use of simply graphic-style questions that are quick and easy to answer.

  • Includes tips and suggestions for how to improve company and individual scores.

  • Has a number of sub-games within the software to raise staff-moral through praise and recognition.


  • Although anonymous comments are useful, in a small team it can become quite obvious who sent which message. Sometimes this can be good at breaking difficult conversations, but it has its drawbacks.

  • You can’t customise questions which can be frustrating.

  • Some questions aren’t always relevant but there is no ability to skip or turn them off.

  • Some people have said that the questions don’t offer a lot of variety and that it seems like they are constantly answering the same questions.

Overall star rating: 4.5

2.     Charlie HR

Charlie HR is aimed at small and medium-sized startups. And works online and during business hours. They include a time off tracking system to manage when your team will be away and make it easy to onboard new hires.

Starting price: for 0-9 employees the software is free. 10+ is charged at £4 per month per person.

A free trial is available.


  • Onboarding team and new employees are quick and easy.

  • The dashboard set-up allows managers to know exactly what is going on in their team and what sort of action to take.

  • Merges all company documents, holiday calendars, and staff notes.

  • As it’s cloud-based it’s more secure than locally storing files.

  • Includes user-friendly polls for tracking employee engagement.


  • When employees request to ‘work from home’ the software automatically approves it.

  • Users have said it can be difficult changing/deleting requested holiday.

Overall star rating: 5.0

3.     Engagedly

An advanced employee feedback and performance tool. It allows you to give and request feedback from employees

Starting price: £4.00 per month per user

A free trial is available.


  • In tune to user experience and is somewhat customisable. There is an ability to choose questions which other software does not offer.

  • Flexible and well-designed feedback tool.

  • Ability to search past reviews and feedback and view all on one page.

  • Allows employees to give feedback on each other on separate ‘profiles’


  • There is currently no app available and works purely via a pc or laptop.

  • No chat feature so communication can be a bit slow.

  • The dashboard feature can sometimes present inaccurate information which isn’t a great start.

  • Though the software has a lot of features, it seems that some parts are overly-complicated.

Overall star rating: 4.0

4.     6Q

Provides detailed analysis of how your employees feel about topical company culture and engagement topics. Uses six question polls which take less than two minutes to complete.

Starting price: from £49 per month for up to 50 users

A free trial is available


  • Easy and quick to set up.

  • Poll is quick and easy to use for employees which prompts them to use it more often.

  • ‘high five’ feature allows employees to praise their colleagues for doing good work. This encourages everyone to be mindful of how they help others.

  • Extensive question library with many choices so you can tailor your employees experience with the app.


  • Does not support basic features like reward programs, event management or goal planning.

  • Doesn’t support other HR functions like sick day and holiday tracker, I think this is an app purely for keeping a track on employee engagement in the workplace and ensuring they’re happy.

Overall star rating: 3.5

5.     Bamboo HR

Cloud-based meant for start-up businesses. Allows managers to track organisational data such as employee turnover and retention.

Starting price: £2 per month per user but goes up to £6 for the pro package which includes alerts and notifications and a ‘self service’ function.

A free trial is available


  • Includes functions such as ‘application tracking’ for recruitment as well as employee dashboards.

  • Intuitive and easy to learn how to use. People have said it’s fun to use and saves time.

  • Ability to create sections and tables so that you can customise the program a lot to suit your needs.

  • Bamboo seems to make HR a little more fun, which I like. It isn’t such a serious interface and when loading pages included fun little tips and comments.


  • Not a great deal of flexibility for integration but this is down to be choosy with the software’s partnerships.

  • People have had bad experiences with the customer service, saying they’ve just been left with video tutorials and little to no help with problems that they can’t fix.

Overall star rating: 4.5

6.    Reflektive

Reflektive is a real-time performance management software that promotes employee engagement with feedback and recognition. It also allows you to measure the results with real-time engagement analytics.

Starting price: from £6 per month per person

A free trial is available but only upon request where you have to schedule a time to connect.


  • The email plug-in that they offer is really helpful for giving real-time feedback and prepping for 1×1 meetings.

  • Their ‘shout out wall’ is a good incentive for employees to get motivated and work hard. It gives praise to employees in a way that gives them recognition from the rest of the company.

  • The goal system is brilliant. In a fast-moving startup environment, it’s extremely helpful to have a visual of each individual’s success against their goals when providing feedback.

  • The software design is really user-friendly and easy to navigate around. It isn’t over-complicated or unnecessarily hard to figure out.


  • The reporting capabilities and data visualisation aren’t great in the sense that they just aren’t very detailed. I believe this is something the company is working on fixing in a future update though.

  • Though the polls feature is good, it’s not great and has the potential to do much more, such as better surveying tools and detailed reporting.

  • Though there is a chrome extension for the website, annoyingly, it doesn’t take you to the website but instead directs you to a time-wasting download page. This feels really unnecessary as what’s the point as having it as a plug-in if it doesn’t work?

Overall star rating: 4.5