AI and the Future of the Recruiter


Some say data & AI will make recruiters’ jobs obsolete. Others say AI could never replace recruiters…

So where is the lie?


Honestly, as recruiters, we’re excited about what data and AI can tell us, and we want to embrace it as much as we can. We are already surrounded by sophisticated algorithms that can read & sort through CVs quicker than any human can, there’s even one that can analyse user behaviour on LinkedIn to identify people who aren’t actively looking for a job, but wouldn’t mind hearing about one either.

There’s talk of AI being able to conduct initial phone/video screenings, although we’re less convinced of quite how much further along an artificial intelligence could carry the process… A lot of the time getting the right fit relies on that gut feeling, that lightbulb moment when you’re listening to a potential candidate speak and think, “Damn, this is just right!”.

But for the things that AI can do, we’re all for it. Why not embrace something that makes your life easier? Complex data capture helps us to reflect on our processes and identify exactly what we could be doing to streamline our workflow and make our offering more valuable to our customers. And intelligent automation of some of the more administrative, time-consuming tasks that take up our days right now means we can spend longer focusing on the human element of serving our customers better.

So there are recruiters who could, and likely will be replaced by AI in the near future. Those in the firing line first will be those who approach their roles as a machine would, ticking boxes and clocking up numbers. Or, to put it in slightly less eloquent terms, throwing s**t at the wall until something sticks. But there aren’t many of this type of recruiter left, especially in our industry, and those still about could do with weeding out as far as we’re concerned!

No one can really know the full extent of how technological advancements will affect all of our jobs in the future. But what we do know is that the employment landscape as we know it will change forever. And as this new landscape evolves, so should recruitment. So we say bring on the machines, there’s plenty of room for both of us. Just not Skynet.


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