We’re loving, living, breathing and succeeding at tech recruitment every minute of every day. Here’s everything we think you ought to know about it (because we’re nice like that)…

27th November 2017

“Not everyone uses an interface like I do”

We chat with Dr. Alice Good, Course Leader for MRes Technology at the University of Portsmouth, on the importance of accessibility.

2nd November 2017

UX & design terms ‘thing explained’.

After reading 'The Thing Explainer' we broke down some of the terms we hear daily. Some are, well, read for yourself.

19th October 2017

AI and the Future of the Recruiter

Our Director, Chris, gives his thoughts on AI and its place alongside recruiters.

5th September 2017

8 tips for creating a stellar UX portfolio

Our UX Specialist, Adriano, draws from his experience on what makes a stellar UX folio.

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