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14th May 2020

4 Ways You May be Unfairly Rejecting Under-Represented Groups in Tech

Here are some common pitfalls we can fall into that may be letting bias creep in.

28th April 2020

You and your hiring process are biased!

Acceptance is the first step to positive change. Bias, when it does creep in, largely discriminates against under represented groups. We’ve noted five major ways that bias has been creeping into your hiring practices, and how to mitigate them.

21st April 2020

How to Create Technical Tests that Keep Applicants Engaged

More than ever, you really need to nail the assessment process as you’ll have far more candidates to evaluate than ever before.

9th April 2020

Remote Onboarding: Tips to ‘Navigate’ the New Norm

Onboarding can get expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ve got some tips that’ll help your new team members integrate fast.

26th November 2019

Onboarding for Tech Scaleups: Getting off to a Flyer

Onboarding can get expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ve got some tips that’ll help your new team members integrate fast.

16th September 2019

How to: Improve Diversity at your Business

Diversity is everyone’s concern. Here’s some guidance on getting your company thinking about how to be more welcoming and vibrant.

6th September 2019

What is Cost To Hire and How Can We Calculate it?

Everything you need to know about cost to hire: What is it? How do you Calculate it? Why is it useful?

21st August 2019

Five Things A Manager Should Never Say

Management is a unique skill set, so it’s no wonder some people get it wrong. We’ve got some quick do nots to avoid, and how to turn them around.

19th August 2019

How to: Reduce the time it takes to hire someone

The time to hire can be a huge, unanticipated cost for a company. Here are some actionable tips to get it under control

29th July 2019

Four Simple Ways to Minimise the Gender Pay Gap

Large companies now have to report their pay gap statistics to the EHRC. Here are some practical steps to minimise the gap in your company.

22nd July 2019

How to: Find Innovative Candidates By Asking Great Questions

Incredible Candidates are all too often being screened out through bad interview questions. We’ve found the most common pitfalls, and come up with better questions that’ll help you spot real innovators for your team.

12th July 2019

Five Simple Tools to Optimise and Diversify Your Hiring Pools

Using the right tools can help improve your hiring process in a way that is simple and natural. We’ve found five great tools to help optimise your process with diversity in mind

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