Case Study


Nucco Brain is a visual storytelling studio, founded in 2013. NB specialise in corporate communication with a strong focus on building visual narratives to help brands engage, drive change, and shape their own company culture.

The Problem

The business at Nucco has grown astoundingly quickly and the effect of the volume at which they needed to grow was putting strain on the wider team. It also meant that each department had a different set of rules, making it difficult for a team member to jump into the process to help assess talent in their pipeline. After a new client acquisition Stefano Marrone, CEO, reached out to us to help him grow his business.

The Solution

We helped NB grow a social media team off-site at a client, alongside helping them grow both client and internal operations teams as well as manage their busy temp book. We’re now documenting the effects on the hiring process and reporting against high volume KPI’s saving everyone time.




Time to hire in hours


Project duration in months

The move team have been a great resource for us. I trust that they will work hard to understand our requirements and deliver the talent we need.

Stefano Marrone, CEO