Case Study


Ditto are an international bank that allows for easy switching between currencies for those that travel often. From the start of the project their team has doubled in size every four months, and we came on board to help them continue this.

Our Approach

Ditto had never used an internal talent team or product team in London, and were looking to launch a new product. We worked with the Ditto founders to help identify the roles needed and the skill sets required. With this information, we ran benchmarking sessions to compare aggregate data, and were able to design detailed job specs and craft t.o.v. for candidate messaging. Sitting on-site for interviews meant we could ensure they were standardised, and that we were effectively measuring the quality of candidates.

Having formulated this assessment process for these hires, we went to market and successfully hired three senior product designers.




Time to hire in weeks


Project duration in months

Our hiring smoking gun.