10 Great Job Boards for Creatives

Job boards have long been one of the most popular ways for candidates to apply for jobs. Sites like Monster, Indeed and LinkedIn are great resources, but are there any job boards for creatives?


We’ve found 10 job sites that are either exclusively for creatives or are known to pull in a lot of creative job postings that we think will help you find a lot more relevant opportunities.

The Drum

The Drum covers a wide range of creative roles, but it specialises in the marketing of various stripes, from PR and advertising to social media and digital roles. This site combines a search function with a pretty wide-reaching filter so that you can narrow down your search to a few postings.

Its location-based postings cover most of the UK, but the majority of jobs you’ll find here are based out of London and the Northwest region.

One thing worth noting is that there didn’t appear to be a great deal of moderation on some of these posts, and a number lacked detail, but the search tool presents enough information at a glance that such posts can be easily ignored.

If You Could 

If You Could is a smaller site than most, but we love its clear layout and at-a-glance design! Most of its roles are focused on PR and Advertising roles based in London, but it’s been expanding its range and reach.

The filter can feel a bit confusing at first, but it’s very robust and lets you fine-tune your search down to the level and contract type. It also seems to attract creatives seeking other creatives, so you’ll find link-minded recruiters here.


job boards for creatives

Drapers is exclusively for people interested in the fashion industry, but for a niche job board, it offers a great deal of range within that margin. From product design to merchandising, to HR, Drapers covers all aspects of the industry. It encourages applications from graduates and people entering the industry for the first time as well as those with experience.

Drapers also maintains a blog offering a lot of careers advice. It’s not updated regularly anymore, but there’s a solid backlog that’s pretty handy for those interested in specific CV and Careers advice

Creative Opportunities

Creative Opportunities is run by the University of Arts London and is thus focused exclusively on graduate roles based out of London. Head over here if you’re a recent graduate looking for a degree relevant role, internships and the like.

job boards for creatives

Design Jobs Board

If you’re looking for a role in design, whether it’s specifically as a designer, or more generally as a design adjacent manager or administrator, this board is focused exclusively on you.

An unfortunate quirk is that while the majority of postings on this board are London based, there are a few that are not, and there is no way to narrow things down based on location! Keep an eye on the adverts and make sure you can get there.

Cision Jobs

Cision focuses on two hats more or less exclusively, Journalism and PR. Cision doesn’t do a great deal that’s new, you can find careers advice, recruiters, and set up job alerts, but it’s a clearly organised, robust site that knows what it’s trying to be.

The Dots

The Dots is a huge website, covering just about every creative role you could think of. It also regularly features posting from some pretty big employers, including Penguin, ITV, the BBC and Sky, and other leading brands. They’re also setting up a burgeoning social network, which might be one to watch so as to connect with other creatives.

One small caveat is that you have to sign up to the website to make use of most of its features, including its search functionality.

The Guardian Jobs

The Guardian’s job board is not solely for creative jobs, but it famously attracts a number of creative businesses and other kinds of businesses looking for creatives.

Like many options on this list, it has something of a London focus, but it does allow you to filter jobs to a more local level.

Smashing Magazine

Here’s one that may not be that useful to you, but is still fun to check out. Smashing Magazine has a noticeable skew towards US and European based work but also allows you to search for remote roles and the like. The only jobs they post are design roles and programming roles, but they have attracted a number of big clients in the past, including Rockstar Games and MTV.

It is worth noting that, given the wide geographic range, a number of postings aren’t written in English, but this is always apparent at a glance, letting you skip over these roles if needed.


job boards for creatives

And finally, here’s a niche job board focused exclusively on careers for UK based Journalism. HoldtheFrontPage is a great resource for aspiring and current journalists as, like Drapers, it comes with a whole host of support structures as well as job postings. From career advice to industry news and opinion pieces, there’s a lot of content here to help you develop your journalistic career.



Final Thoughts

While it may be simpler to trawl through some of the larger jobs boards, if you know what you’re looking for, going niche can help you find some incredible potential jobs, tailored much more to your needs. Put together a stellar design portfolio, add to that the additional support a niche website can offer, and there really is no reason not to take a look!