Five Great Coworking Spaces In London



With more and more people taking their side hustles full time, or embracing remote work, the traditional office set up is falling out of vogue for a lot of people. What alternatives are rushing forward to fill the gap?


Problem: Not everyone’s built for working from home every day. It can get a little bit bleak being stuck in your own home- it’s one of the biggest disadvantages of remote work.

Follow up problem: Hopping from public place to public space can get tiresome. There’s only so long you can stay in one coffee shop- and they’re not exactly built for long term work.

London, being a hotspot for eager architects, has a vast number of really cool coworking spaces for you to choose from, a lot of them refurbished

We’ve found five that we really love, because of a combination of facilities, aesthetics and cost. If none of these get you excited, check out some more, filtered to your needs, here.

Mortimer House 

Price Range:£500-£6000 per month. Higher membership packs are designed for teams, rather than individuals! Joining Fee of £250

Where: Fitzrovia

You Should Check This Place Out If: You value wellness and like lots of extra amenities

Mortimer House used to be an office block, until it was renovated by New York based company AvroKO. Now it’s a really chilled out coworking space with an awesome art deco aesthetic.

Featuring room service connected to the mediterranean restaurant downstairs,  a gym, a wellness centre, a meditation room, and quiet work areas, this space almost feels more like a hotel than a workspace.

The Allbright

Price Range: £750 per month, with a £300 joining fee.

Where: Mayfair

You Should Check This Place Out If: You’re a female entrepreneur looking to network with other women.

The Allbright is a female only working space, based out of a five story Georgian House, offering a very cosy, non-corporate environment for women to collaborate and work.

It’s one of the pricier options on this list, but membership gets you a desk, access to a programme of regular events, beauty treatment rooms, yoga spaces, and a swathe of networking opportunities with other professional women. This includes a monthly ‘pitch day’ where you can be introduced to potential investors.

De Beauvoir Block

Price Range: £100-£300 per month

You Should Check This Place Out If: You’re on a budget

With a tasteful, pink themed minimalist look, De Bauvoir doesn’t feel like an especially budget space. And yet, if you’re just starting out and looking to get into a coworking environment, this could be the one for you.

One hundred pounds a month gives you access to the space from 7am-7pm every weekday, a cafe, and a bookable meeting room. Higher tiers give you 24/7 access, as well as a private, lockable desk.

Campus London

Price Range: Free, with caveats.

Where: Shoreditch

You Should Check this Place Out If: You’re a tech startup

Run by Google- a fact one can tell at a glance based around the design of the place, with lots of open space and bright colours.

The main wrinkle this space has over any of the others is the application process. While you can sign up for membership for absolutely free, this is explicitly not a guarantee of a workspace at the campus- nor are you guaranteed to have your application approved. What membership does grant you access to is a large community of startups and mentors,  as well as classes and events.

If you fit the criteria Google sets for joining, this one is well worth checking out.


The Office Group

Price Range: £375+  (with optional add ons)

Where: City-Wide

You Should Check This Place Out If: You want a central location, and a lot of flexibility

The Office Group has locations across the city, and has done since 2003, so they really know what they’re doing in terms of getting great locations that are designed to be welcoming and airy.

By signing up for membership, you pick a location as your ‘home base’ but you get limited access to all seventeen of their spaces, and 24/7 access to your home base. You also get access to rooftop gardens, bar spaces and a lot of networking opportunities.

Optional add-ons include call answering and forwarding, a mailing address, and locker access at multiple locations.

Final Thoughts

The proliferation of coworking spaces across the capital means competition is high, so there are plenty of options for you to choose from. A good workspace is a huge part of making you effective and motivated, so shop around, and pick the one that works for you.