Top 10 Chrome Extensions to Help You Find a Job

If you look at browsing the internet for jobs as the modern equivalent of hitting the streets with a stack of CVs in hand, it makes sense that you’d want to approach the task as efficiently as possible. That’s where Chrome extensions come in.

One of the great features of Google Chrome as a browser is the fact that you can customise your experience with browser extensions. These are easy to install, most are free in perpetuity while offering paid versions with extra features, and can make your life much easier in loads of ways-not just while job searching.

Some of these extensions are directly designed to help with job searching, while others are more for general productivity. Pick and choose what works for you.

1) Discoverly

In today’s job-hunting landscape, nothing secures you a chance like a referral. Dicoverly helps you figure out if you have mutual friends/followers in common with someone. Simply install the extension, go to LinkedIn, click on a profile, find mutuals, and ask them to make an introduction.

2) Huntr

Huntr gives you your own job dashboard, where you can save and collate job listings from different sites, while recording things like salary, location and other details you might need. It also lets you track tasks and to-do lists for each individual listing.

3) Buffer

Buffer is a great social media tool that lets you make multiple posts to multiple social media sites at once, schedule them to go out at peak times, so you don’t have to log into multiple accounts throughout the day. For a lot of professionals, it’s important to keep building a professional brand, and get your name out there, especially for creatives. Building a professional brand is becoming a more and more important part of the hiring process, it’s a reputation that helps develop your career beyond the entry level.

Chrome Extensions to Help You Find a Job

4) Save to Pocket

This extension lets you save things you find on the internet into a little organised spot, ready to be read when you need it. Not only is this a great tool to minimise distractions- you can save unimportant things that come up as and when they do rather than feeling like you have to read them straight away, it’s also handy for saving company websites, job listings, anything you see and want to quickly grab for later

5) Feedly

It’s important you stay up to date with the trends in your industry, as well as resources to help you with your job search. Feedly lets you link RSS feeds, blogs and websites to one easy to find source, so you can read them at your leisure as they are updated. This pairs well with Buffer since you can share relevant content to your followers and build your personal brand,

6) Grammarly

Grammarly is a particularly powerful browser-based spell checker. It is particularly useful for spotting homophones, (like there/their/they’re) and drawing attention to more nuanced and complex grammatical issues than most other spell checkers.

This is probably the simplest of our recommendations, but there’s nothing worse than sending off an inquiry email and realising you’ve missed a typo. A second pair of eyes can help, and you shouldn’t rely exclusively on any spell checker,  but Grammarly is a vital extra safety net.

7) Ultidash

Job searching requires a sense of productivity, same as any other kind of work. Thus, productivity tools like Ultidash are great for managing distractions and keeping you on the ball. Ultidash lets you use site blockers, tracks how long you spend on certain sites, offers customisable motivational greetings and lets you track all kinds of goals.

8) Gorgias

Gorgias is a powerful tool that lets you create email templates out of repetitive bits of text. With practice, you can make shortcuts and templates for any inquiry, saving you a lot of busywork. Think of them like the various canned responses you can find in Gmail, but easier to personalise and customise.


Don’t be put off by the fact that this is listed as a sales tool. Think of the job hunt as a kind of sales in and of itself, except you’re selling yourself as a potential new hire. Thus, Prospect is great for following up with social media contacts, a free app that lets you send off emails to recruiters in a quick click.

10) Session Manager

Everyone who’s been on a long study kick will know the satisfying feeling of closing each tab you’ve opened one after the other once the work is done. But when you’re taking a break it can be risky to close the browser and risk losing important tabs. The same problem applies to job searching, you can often find yourself leaping through a sea of links as you find interesting job postings, and the whole thing can get overwhelming after a while. Session Manager lets you save browser sessions to be reloaded. You can save multiple sessions for different purposes, label them, and bring them back as appropriate.


Final Thoughts

The modern job search feels paradoxical in a lot of ways. What should logically be easier than how things used to be can actually get complicated and overwhelming quickly. So approach the problem with some solid tools in hand, and it’ll make things that much smoother.