Which Applicant Tracking System to use in 2022

When you look back at the past 18 months, the use of an Applicant Tracking System doesn’t seem too far-fetched, perhaps even preferable. If there’s one thing we all need, it’s more time, and trying to keep track of every candidate for that new role just eats up too much.

Thus, enters ATS. Whether you’re hiring for permanent roles or focusing on contracted work, there is a system out there for you. It might just feel a little overwhelming to decide on which one.

Here are a few of our recommendations:



The leading ATS software with tools for career site building, video interviews, assessments, onboarding, and CRM. It prides itself on being incredibly customisable, so it works to fit your needs. For example, its Recruit software features custom fields that are ready to take any unique responses you’re seeking from candidates. iCIMS Recruit also integrates with job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor.


‣ SmartRecruiters

They describe themselves as an ‘award-winning talent acquisition platform for the global enterprise,’ but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Ease of use is one of their top priorities, keeping it so simple that anyone in the hiring process can make sense of what’s going on. Their database features screening assessments, scorecards, and background checks. SmartRecruiters may have a slight edge over iCIMS as they integrate with over 200 job boards and over 350 recruitment solutions.


‣ Lever

Lever offers companies of any size a complete, all-in-one ATS and CRM platform. Sounds pretty good, right? Their focus is metric-based recruiting and diversity – recruiters can set and assess their DEI strategies with this software, making it easy to see how your DEI initiatives are going.


‣ Greenhouse

Through Greenhouse, you’ll be able to access and optimise job listings across over 1,000 large and niche job boards. They promise a robust candidate pipeline that reaches, classifies, and nurtures talent. Like Lever, they have implemented software to ensure a fair and equitable hiring process, with features like candidates being able to upload an audio recording of the correct pronunciation of their name and indicate their personal pronouns.


‣ Pinpoint

This platform features core ATS and talent CRM features such as job board multi-posting, social media advertising, interview scheduling, employee onboarding, and more. They offer more unique features as well, including blind screening and candidate scorecards. However, it is designed for internal talent acquisition rather than for recruitment agencies.


‣ Zoho Recruit

Users can post jobs to multiple job boards, automate, and manage candidates, clients, and contacts all on one platform. Zoho Recruit offers solutions for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies through customisations aspects, like updating interview status, and providing reports of analytics for hiring strategies.


‣ Recooty

Like iCIMS, Recooty is a cloud-based ATS that is used by some of the top names like Uber and FedEx. Interestingly, their solution collects qualified candidates that have applied to your job posting and as well as passive candidates who have relevant qualifications and have been sourced online. They have as much job board integration as iCIMS that will advertise your posting globally and they offer time-saving tools like resume parsing and candidate tracking.


‣ SAP Success Factors


This is an ATS portal that has a whole load of features inside and outside of recruiting. They deal with anything from candidate relationship management to analytics and reports. Through a cloud-based system, they combine applicant tracking, job distribution, and CRM into a single solution. SAP Success Factors promises to power initiatives like diverse hiring, mass hiring, event and remote recruiting.


‣ Manatal

Manatal is an innovative solution that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to streamline recruitment operations… which all sounds very high-tech. They offer all the usual features, such as daily processing, analytics, and candidate job history, but their more innovative tools are the most exciting aspect: powerful search functions, AI-based recommendations, candidate scoring, and social media recruitment. It’s reported that Manatal is easy to use and intuitive, so little to no training is required for anyone to use their systems.


‣ Tracker

If you’re looking for one bit of software that acts like both an ATS and CRM in one, Tracker may be the answer. It has been designed to help recruiting and staffing firms manage their candidate, marketing, and client processes. Their features include sourcing candidates, nurturing and matching applicants, and making placements to help you along the recruitment process as quickly and painlessly as possible.


‣ Workable

For an intuitive platform that helps you start hiring right away, look to Workable. Ease of use is really top of mind here. 85% of their users never feel the need to ask for help and get stuck in right away. You can even do everything from your mobile device with the Workable App. If you do get stuck anywhere, you have a library of hiring templates, tutorials, and advice at your disposal.


Final thoughts


Recruitment can be an arduous process that eats up time you don’t have, so why not implement one of these ATS’s to make your life, and your candidates’ lives, that bit easier?