Top 10 Tech Job Boards For Sourcing Candidates in the UK

Sifting through general job boards for a tech role that fits your particular candidate requirement can be a major headache. Not only does it take forever, but it also doesn’t consider the nuances in languages, software, or roles. 

We’ve compiled a list of 10 job boards that cater exclusively to tech roles or have been known to house many tech job postings that will help you find many more relevant candidates.




In their own words, “Dice is the leading career destination for tech experts at every stage of their careers.” 

Dice may be the most recognizable name in tech job sites, and with good reason. It has a huge database of jobs, uses its data to provide meaningful industry insights and includes a sizable section on career development for tech pros looking for the latest resources for improving their odds of job-seeking success.


Pros: It’s enormous

Cons: It’s enormous AND a hunting ground for most recruiters. Bit of a red ocean.




AngelList is described as a startup community specialised in remote & local technical talent and opportunities. What sets AngelList apart from most other job boards is that it gives job seekers access to unique jobs at startups and tech companies that aren’t listed elsewhere. Its ‘move fast and break things’ approach attracts those keen to work in start-ups. So if that’s who you’re sourcing for, head on over.


Pros: It’s large but with a more tailored audience.

Cons: Applicants can connect directly with founders, perhaps leaving the sourcer out of the picture.




It’s mainstream but Indeed ranks for good reason. It is one of the first places many companies go to post vacancies, so it follows that it’s also one of the first places candidates go to apply.

One thing that sets Indeed apart is its built-in skills assessments for tech-specific jobs that speed up the initial screening process. From there, the site generally just facilitates communication.


Pros: It is a well-known, established platform with a ton of monthly traffic.

Cons: Free job posts lose visibility, and access to the resume database costs a monthly subscription.




Hired is known for its focus on tech openings. Its matching algorithms help to connect candidates with companies that correspond to their profile and what they look for in a company, taking skills and preferences into account. Once a candidate’s profile is set up and out there, companies apply to them. The best potential employers will reach out.

Hired as a platform has essentially taken the comparison work out of it. They allow candidates to compare interview requests side by side and make a more informed decision about the next step.


Pros: Has a very user-friendly interface.

Cons: There’s a lot of competition.




Boolerang is a platform dedicated entirely to London developer and tech jobs. It has become one of the go-to platforms for employers in and around London who need to filter their candidate pool and hire quicker.

Plenty of big, reputable companies use Boolerang for their recruitment. Companies like Sky, the BBC, HSBC, and job ads are also posted on major UK aggregators. Because it is focused on the IT field and gives employers access to 30,000 tech professionals, it’s a great way to tailor your hunt.


Pros: Well-known in the IT field.

Cons: Mainly advertises jobs in London and doesn’t have applicant tracking and job statistics.




If you are in tech, then you probably follow or know about TechCrunch, a popular blog about all things technology and the digital world. CrunchBoard is their job board.

It lists tech and IT job postings and has the same standard features as most job boards, like being able to search by location and keyword. The main exception is that it goes out to a specialized audience.


Pros: It’s a very niche network of tech professionals.

Cons: Doesn’t offer a free job posting option.


White Truffle


Let the right job find you. Instead of relying solely on job seekers doing the heavy lifting of sifting through listings, White Truffle matches candidates with companies.

To sign up, candidates create a profile designed to showcase exactly what companies want to see from them, and as soon as it’s approved, they’ll be matched with companies. Privacy is a priority, so they don’t have to worry about getting buried under messages from recruiters because their contact info isn’t shared until an intro has been made. This cuts down on the competition from other companies just a tiny bit.


Pros: Free to use for employers, and there are zero hiring fees.

Cons: Limited access on a free plan.




CWJobs is a job site that caters to IT professionals and is a leading resource for tech jobs across the UK.

This site is designed to attract a niche audience and has a large selection of listings and career advice resources. By setting up targeted alerts, you can easily notify candidates of relevant roles and have them easily apply right from the app.  


Pros: Applicant management is included on all of the plans.

Cons: No free trial or plans available.


IT Job Board


IT Job Board is geared toward covering IT, telecoms, and technical jobs. It forms part of the Digital Media Ads’ network of job boards and attracts thousands of qualified job seekers looking for either full-time or contract work every month.

Jobs are shared on the site’s partner job boards, IT Jobs Near Me and, and also on the site’s social media channels. It is constantly updated with the latest IT Jobs throughout London, the UK, and abroad and can make it easier to find a candidate that matches the required skills and experience. 


Pros: There are several options for job postings and applicant management tools is included.

Cons: Doesn’t offer a free job posting option.


Final Thoughts


Know exactly what you’re looking for before you go in; the filtering will be much easier. Try multiple spellings or variations of the same keywords to deliver more results, and you’ll find that these sites can be a treasure trove of opportunities. 

Hunting for the best candidates is still time-consuming, but we can handle that for you. Move cuts the time and cost of building amazing teams by plugging right into your business’ talent function.


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