5 Great Events for Startups at London Tech Week

London Tech Week is about to head into its sixth year, and there are few better ways to get a perspective of the tech scene in London and further afield.

This year, the theme is ‘the fourth industrial revolution, and the event list seems pretty focused on how society and the workplace is transforming around new tech, and how to take control of leading the global conversation.

We’ve looked through the list, and found five events that are great for tech startups to check out!



Wednesday 12th June-13th June

This is the big one, the heart of the entire event. If you’re not experiencing this, you’re missing out on the core of London Tech Week.

Not only that, but you can grab a visitor ticket for absolutely free. There are two headline events you can’t attend with a free ticket (the Blockchain and AI Summits) but otherwise, this will get you into five events, access to 600+ speakers and a myriad of product demonstrations to check out.

London tech week

Startup Elevate

Wednesday 12th – Thursday 13th June

As part of TechXlR8, this section of the event is devoted pretty exclusively to tech startups.

Head to this event if you’re looking to network with other startups, innovators, and corporate leaders. Alternatively, you can use the number of speakers to pick up a bit of knowledge you can take home and apply to your own business.

Networking is a key part of building and expanding your brand, getting your name out there among your peers can really help elevate your business.

London Tech Week has a number of events themed around supporting startups in expanding and networking, under the event category of ‘Startup Scaleup’. One of these that  we like the look of is…

Harness the Power of Media

Tuesday 11th June

At first glance, this may seem like a reasonably generic seminar, all about using Social Media to drive investment and such.

The unique part of this event comes from its ‘Speed Dating’ segment, where you get to speak to PR experts about various aspects of developing content, from influencer involvement to third party credibility. One to one immediate feedback is always pretty valuable, especially when it comes from experts, even in a fast and casual environment.

Future of Work

Thursday 13th June

This event is focused on future-proofing your company, and accounting for changes in the digital landscape.

Digital skills are expanding in scope all of the time, and it’s vital you have someone on your team who can keep up with the trends. Summits like this are a great way to get information that can be disseminated to the rest of your team.

This one is pricey, at £649, but that gives you access to the summit, lunch, and to the Tech Night Party in the evening, which is a nice perk!


Cameras, Aesthetics, Video Content Marketing & Gamifying Content

Tuesday 11th June

If you’re looking to get into video content, or just jus up your marketing material in general, this seems like a great, casual meetup to ‘listen, not sell.’

The first half is about aesthetics and some technical aspects of modern filmmaking, and how to apply these principles to your video content. The second part is more about bringing gamified content to your marketing strategy.

‘Gamifying content’ is a bit of an unnerving term, but it’s a great way to drive engagement with your content. In short, it’s adding game-design principles into non-game contexts. It’s commonly used in edutainment contexts, but it’s growing more popular among marketers. You can see it in action when apps offer rewards for logging in, or when marketing blogs offer giveaways for liking and reposting content.

In any case, this seems like a lighter event with an interesting conceit!

Final Thoughts

Attending Tech Week isn’t always an option, but it’s absolutely worth heading along to a few events if the opportunity presents itself, as this list doesn’t even cover the range of things on offer. At the very least, keep an eye out for the news and reveals that trickle out, and stay on top of industry trends!