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10th June 2019

5 Tools to Help You Write Great Job Adverts

Job descriptions are the first point of contact that candidates may have with your company. We’ve found five tools to make sure they’re at their best.

29th April 2019

Pros and Cons of Remote Work

With new technology solutions allowing for more flexible conditions, how viable is remote work for your company?

14th March 2019

For Candidates: Questions to ask at Interview

It’s a familiar situation. You’re in the middle of the interview, everything seems to be going well, and then the interviewer asks you that fateful question, ‘do you have anything to ask me?’

13th March 2019

Recruiting: Metrics

Key hiring metrics it’s good to keep an eye on.

2nd March 2019

Where to start with Employer Branding?

What is Employer Branding, and why is it so important? We’ve got some tips to start you off on getting a good reputation as an employer.

26th February 2019

Women in Tech: Making Your Business More Female Friendly

‘Tech startups often admit to struggling to find women to fill their vacancies. Here’s some tips to help you get started in finding them-and keeping them.’

25th February 2019

Employee Engagement apps: 2019 Review

We review some of the best employee engagement tools on the market.

21st February 2019

How to Create Values-Based Interview Questions

How to use values-based interviews for your startup

20th February 2019

The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

Diversity in startups can add varied ideas and viewpoints to a workplace and boost productivity as well as company reputation.

20th February 2019

The art of implementing agile working

At its core, agile working acts as the tools for removing obstacles so that employees can work more proficiently.

25th January 2019

Tools for hiring: Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems, they can save you time and money in the long run. We’ll take you through some of our favourites.

2nd July 2018

The True Cost of Hiring

A brief overview of the traditional hiring methods; doing it yourself, using recruitment agencies, and hiring an internal recruiter; and how much they truly “cost”.

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